Petersen's Automotive Museum Boasts a Feast for the Eyes

Although Petersen's Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has always been known for its magnificent displays, a recent addition has been generating massive amounts of attention. Justin Favela, who is known as an accomplished Las Vegas artist, has created a gigantic piñata that perfectly replicates the magic of a classic Southern Californian lowrider. With the traditional whitewall tires and festive color scheme that will look familiar to anyone who is a fan of this car genre, there is no doubt that this a lowrider that everyone will remember.

Called "Gypsy Rose Piñata," this exciting installation reminds museum visitors that Californians, especially Angelenos, have always loved their lowriders. With curator Denise Sandoval at the helm,"Gypsy Rose Piñata" provides the first glimpse of an incredible exhibition that pays homage to this brilliant subculture. Against a backdrop of more traditional vehicles, the lowriders truly stand out in the Petersen Museum. Not only are there actual cars on display, but there are also sculptures and paintings that capture the spirit of this sizzling subculture. Those who enjoy hitting up the Hollywood Forever cemetery for Day of the Dead celebrations will undoubtedly get a kick out of the themed Chevrolet adorned by John Jota Leaños and Artemio Rodriguez.

Favela, the creator of the iconic piñata lowrider that opens the exhibition, believes that many people discredit the power of the piñata. He seeks to elevate this craft and to make people see just how alluring these pieces of art can be. The way Favela sees it, the lowrider is a symbol of the American dream—and his piñata personifies the striving and structure of the people who want to claim their own piece of Americana. Surprisingly, the "Gypsy Rose Piñata" is not the first lowrider he's ever conceptualized in piñata form! In the past, he also created a lime green lowrider piñata.



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