Young Entrepreneur's Ride-Sharing App Set to Compete With the Big Boys

A California teenager with a keen eye for business plans to compete with the ridesharing big boys with his own startup. Hayden Sonnad, 18, is the founder of Tesloop, a ridesharing app allowing customers to ride in luxury electric Tesla cars for a small fee. The current cost for a ride between Orange County and L.A. is $29. Tesloop's current dedicated routes include rides between L.A. County, Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego County.

Sonnad was only 16 when he thought of the app two years ago. The teenager's inspiration came from Elon Musk, the founder of the electric car automaker Tesla. Fresh out of high school, Sonnad first thought of driving customers back and forth between Las Vegas during holidays and weekends. Sonnad's father, Raul Sonnad, is the CEO of Tesloop and a tech expert who graduated from Harvard Business School.

The younger Sonnad bought his first Tesla electric car with $7,500, and after a month, the teenager found an angel investor to help him strengthen his bottom line. Now that the teen is licensed to conduct business locally, he plans to expand his ridesharing service to cover all of Southern California. The teen and his father would not disclose how much money they received from angel investors, but they did say it was in excess of a million dollars.

According to Sonnad and his father, the company currently has 30 contract drivers and eight full-time employees. The young entrepreneur said his company conducts extensive background checks on its drivers along with training on how to properly drive Tesla's electric cars. The teen said his company has completed close to 30,000 trips since its inception and his drivers, which he calls "pilots", make 12 trips a day between Palm Springs and L.A. and eight trip requests between San Diego County and L.A. County.




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