There Is A Cow Emergency In California

The headline may sound a little humorous, but the situation in California is far from a laughing matter. What is happening is the mass deaths of many cows all throughout the State as a result of a Summer heat wave. Thousands of cows have dropped dead because of this heat wave, and this makes disposing of them a very difficult task indeed.

Officials throughout the State have had to take emergency steps to try to get a handle on the crisis. Several counties are reporting problems and they do not know what to do with that many cow bodies all at one time.

Rendering services which are usually able to take care of removal of dead cows are being worked to over capacity. There are just not enough hands and equipment to take care of a problem that seems to keep growing by the hour. Some local facilities have also had mechanical issues which have caused even more backups and delays in handling this crisis.

Cow deaths are something that the State is very familiar with. What they are not so accustomed to is mass deaths of so many cows all at one time. The system is only set up to work with numbers of deaths that it is used to. When the numbers get too far out of whack, this can become a real issue.

It is estimated that between four and six thousand cows died in the State of California last month due to the drought conditions and the heat wave. There is little that the State can do about the weather, so they have to start thinking bigger and work on solutions that will really help them get out of this crisis. It is the only way that they are going to pull through the other side of this one.



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