California under the Siege of Wild Fires

California is currently experiencing wildfires which are as a result of the hot and dry winds that have engulfed the area in the past few days. Among the most affected counties is Santa Barbara County. According to the firefighting department in the county, the fire has forced evacuations in the five square miles that have witnessed the fire. Officials say that 10 percent of the fire has already been contained. However, around 300 people have left their rural homes and are seeking refuge in nearby rescue centres. This is according to a report that was released by Dave Zaniboni who is in charge of the fire department in the area.

Santa Barbara is not the only area that has experienced extreme temperatures in the past few days. San Joaquin Valley and Inland Southern California have recorded dangerous high heat in the past few days. Livestock has been on the receiving end of these heat waves as they have died in numbers. The weather service warned that areas not located across the coastline would experience excessive temperatures in the coming days. Temperatures in these areas are expected to be as high as 100 to 110 degrees. The national weather service expects some places to experience highs of 115 degrees. However, the coastal regions will experience highs of 90 degrees. According to a heat advisory service board based in San Joaquin Valley, the area will experience temperatures between 103 and 107 degrees between Saturday and Sunday.

Asked to elaborate on the source of the heat, experts say that it has been caused by an upper-level high-pressure system in a surrounding area. Combined with the breezy northerly winds, the situation has become worse. People from the Santa Barbara area knew they were in for trouble when they experienced sundowners. These are winds that blow at a speed of 50 miles per hour and signal heat waves.

Another blaze in the Sierra Nevada’s Sequoia National Forest continues to grow in size. At the moment, the blaze stands at 18 square miles. At the moment, close to 760 firefighters are joining hands to help put off the blaze. The state of California is using air tankers and helicopters to contain the fire. In the locality, a state of emergency has been extended after being initially declared on 30th June. The state of emergency had been declared by Tulare County Board of Supervisors. They say that their cows have been greatly affected by the heatwaves and the fires.



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