Aloha Construction Is Making Waves in its Industry and In the Community

Are you looking for looking for high-quality siding and roofing services? Do not look past Aloha Construction Company. We a family-owned firm made up of insured and bonded General Contractors who provide home repair services throughout Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company takes pride in availing its services to DuPage, Cook, McHenry, and Lake County residents through our local offices located in Lake Zurich. We also reach out to our customers in Champaign, Tazewell, Washington, Peoria, and McClean counties through our offices in Bloomington. Whether you are experiencing siding, gutter, or roof damages, do not hesitate to contact us for a free property inspection to identify the damage on your home.

The reasons why Aloha Construction is the ultimate choice for your Home Repair projects

Trusted and Bonded Roofing Service Providers

As a homeowner, you could need a new roof as a result of some factors other than normal aging. For instance, the friction and speed of even, low winds can potentially lead to damage to Asphalt Shingle and Cedar Shake components regardless of being on a low, steep, or flat slope. A customer review by Scott G. suggests that he experienced gutter, siding, and roof damages caused by the wind and a hail storm. However, Scott was delighted to learn that a roofing and siding crew from our company was dispatched on the same day to inspect his home for free. Scott reveals that all he did was to pick out his favorite roof shingle color from our list of houses with different colors. The crew completed the repair within a few hours with Ryan, our expert, in charge.

Scott’s experience describes the fact that our company employs a vigorous and thorough 9-step inspection process to determine the specific problems concerning the overall integrity of your roof. Through this process, our experts can identify the extent of the damage caused to your shingles, and the age life of the remaining shingles and attic ventilation. Upon discovery of any damage, we guide you in the selection of high-grade quality shingles and give you a minimum of ten years of craftsmanship warranty to the repair. We also strive to complete renovation projects in less than three days.

Licensed and Insured Siding Contractors

Repair, replacement, or installation of your home’s siding becomes a daunting task if not completed by expert craftsmanship. Although the process of restoring the exterior of your home is perceived as intimidating, appropriate siding goes further than giving you adequate protection against bad weather conditions. If appropriately completed, siding has the effect of enhancing the appearance of your home, making your home virtually maintenance-free, as well as lowering your heating and cooling costs.

To ensure that we give our customers high-quality siding services, our employees go through rigorous training in home improvement before they join the Aloha Construction family. Such training is undertaken at the Vinyl Siding Institute which awards the employees with Vinyl Siding Installation certification. We recommend that our customers settle for vinyl siding since it requires minimal upkeep. However, we have qualified siding crews which can replace, repair, or install different material including stucco, wood, face brick, fiber cement and hardboard, and Aluminium.

In another review by Tangela, our company is noted for its outstanding roofing services since our employees are highly qualified. Tangela describes our team of experts as amazing to work with. In Tangela’s view, the employees are not only friendly but highly knowledgeable and professional. The team leader ensured that Tangela is informed throughout the repair process. The leader also walked Tangela through to the end of the insurance coverage process. Although the roofing crew was affected by rain, they ensured that the work was professionally finished within three days. The roofing crew was respectful of Tangela’s yard and had to ensure that it looked just as it was ahead of its arrival.

Gutter and Downspout System installation

Channeling water away from and around your home is among the most important and top recommended preventive steps to ensure protection for your home. Water that settles around the base of your house results in mildew and mold problems, ground erosion, concrete damage, crawlspaces and wet basements.

We recommend that you look around your home for any unnecessary moisture or sitting water which could channel back to the foundation. Our gutter and downspout system installation services are invaluable. Our regular or oversized omni-style or k-style seamless Aluminium, miters, elbows, and gutter guards are specifically of great importance in stagnant water channeling.

While working on Reid’s gutters, our roofing and gutter crew advised and installed the gutter system in a great way. Reid especially found our easy-to-work-with crew concerned about the foundation of her home.

We are roofers who finance our clients

Any home can be hit by unanticipated damage. For instance, a storm could hit and leave behind visible damage. What would you do if your insurance company shows little interest in helping you at this time of need?

With Aloha Construction home improvement services, you do not need to worry about the costs associated with your home repair process. Our partnership with Synchrony Financial ensures that our clients access financial help so that their repair projects are completed. Synchrony Financial has renown in financing elective healthcare and major consumer purchases. It is also among the largest private label credit card providers in the U.S. If our homeowner client cannot secure home improvement project coverage by their insurance service provider, we will work in collaboration with Synchrony Financial to get the repair done.

In Scott’s case, our experts contacted Homeowner Insurance under which Scott is covered. We agreed on the coverage costs, and the repair was completed within a few hours on the same day. Further, we made is possible for Scott to receive money to cater for other damages caused by the storm. Equally, Reid describes our crew as very experienced in handling insurance company coverage issues.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation

Our company is also a major sponsor of charity events for Zurich families through the efforts of Dave Farbaky, the company CEO. Dave Farbaky has been on the forefront to ensure successful establishment of the Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF) which serves as the company extension dedicated to giving back to society.

Other organizations have teamed up with our company to steer the DFF cause. Local charities have had a profound effect in realizing the DFF cause, such as the Communities That Care and Omni-Youth Center which play a significant role in helping DFF in the identification of needy children. While DFF is relatively new, its philanthropy is growing quite fast. Dave Farbaky sees to it that at least a single DFF event is held monthly. DFF promotes different events over time, but it is dedicated to retaining its cause.

In his own words, Dave Farbaky states that it is common to forget the profound impact of charity on children. He takes delight in his hard work which has allowed him to give back to society. With numerous plans for DFF, Farbaky is on the forefront in aiding the construction of memories for needy children. To launch the DFF random kindness acts to Zurich families, the foundation held a shopping spree event on the 14th of August in 2016. During this event, four area sisters were allowed a four-minute shopping spree at Learning Toys Express. The four girls and their mother we grateful and humbled by the DFF act of kindness. This event further acted as an eye opener for other companies to give back to society. Farbaky intends to use small DFF charitable acts to initiate leading charity work.

What do customer reviews reveal about us?

Customer feedback and review suggest an air of customer satisfaction. Clients hail praise for the high-quality gutter, siding, and roof repair services following damages from bad weather conditions. The company employees not only inspect reported damage accurately but will also visit your home on the same day for timely services. The company contacts the customer's insurance company to agree on the coverage of the renovation costs. For this reason, customer feedback recommends our company to anyone seeking siding, gutter, and roofing repairs even if such a client is covered by an intimidating insurance company.

Equally, families that have been touched by the DFF charitable acts have contacted the company to express their delight in the kindness extended to them. Those with needy children have shown deep appreciation for the kindness shown to their children. The DFF events are a significant way through which the company gives back to society and sharing affection and hope with the needy.

Indeed, Aloha Construction reigns in times of storms.


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