Sawyer Howitt Reveals the Top Industries for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt Entrepreneur

UPDATED October 3rd, 2017 - Sawyer Howitt was recently profiled on The Bro Talk for his contribution to The Meriweather Group and advice columns for young entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves. Click here to head over to and read this latest article.

With their interest in embracing emerging technologies, moving at a rapid pace and disrupting the status quo, millennial entrepreneurs are making their mark on the business world.

Millennial entrepreneurs have shown a propensity for taking risks and thinking outside the box. Although they tend to reject the stodgy ways of traditional corporate institutions, millennial entrepreneurs are interested in pursuing their passions, building companies and generating cash flow. In today's swiftly changing business environment, opportunities abound for entrepreneurs from the millennial generation.

According to Sawyer Howitt, the top industries for millennial entrepreneurs include a wide array of potentially rewarding ventures. They range from futuristic endeavors to new twists on conventional businesses.

The field of relaxation beverages is one area in which millennial entrepreneurs are thriving. Emerging as a response to the huge supply of energy drinks that have flooded the market, relaxation beverages have a different goal. With ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and chamomile, relaxation beverages are designed to promote feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Industry experts project substantial growth in the field of relaxation beverages, and barriers to entry are fairly low. The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is landing national contracts to bring their brand to the widest possible audience.

Another leading industry for millennial entrepreneurs is corporate wellness. Compared with previous generations, millennials have always been highly focused on health, wellness and preventive health care. Corporate wellness companies provide an invaluable service to business organizations. They help keep the work staff healthy by promoting fitness fairs, smoking cessation, obesity prevention and wellness consulting. The best news is that a healthy staff is happier, more efficient and less costly to maintain than the alternative.

Already wildly popular in metropolitan areas and university towns, gourmet street vending still has plenty of room to grow as an industry. Gourmet street vendors include food trucks serving homemade fare, delicious desserts or even specialty drinks. Presenting an opportunity to be your own boss while doing something you love, gourmet street vending is a natural pursuit for millennial entrepreneurs. Industry observers predict that total industry revenue for street vendors could soon exceed $1.7 billion. Young entrepreneurs are already succeeding with food trucks serving grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, lobster rolls, gourmet burgers and other treats. It's no surprise that more millennials are entering the industry every day.

Social network game development is another highly promising industry for millennial entrepreneurs. Millennials like Sawyer Howitt grew up with a variety of social media platforms, and they are more comfortable interacting online than any earlier generation. With the immense popularity of Facebook and an abundance of other social networks, the demand for social network games is projected to grow substantially in coming years. Young entrepreneurs are looking to replicate the early success of game developer Zynga, which expanded revenue from less than $1 million to $1.3 billion in just four years. The hottest sector in the business is social network gaming linked to mobile applications. According to industry experts, the total market for the field could soon exceed $5 billion.

Another burgeoning industry related to the internet, the field of online survey software is particularly appealing to millennial entrepreneurs. With traditional corporate firms in the field cutting their budgets, online survey software companies are stepping up to fill demand in the industry. Online surveys offer lower costs, greater efficiency and an easy way to interact with a wide range of consumers. Although barriers to entry are relatively low, the industry does require a sizable capital investment.

As consumers become increasingly aware of healthy eating habits, the natural food industry has emerged as a top field for millennial entrepreneurs. The number of food and beverage companies promoting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has grown tremendously in recent years. Nationally, consumers spend more than $40 billion on organic food each year. Millennial business owners are stepping in to meet the needs of healthy consumers. Successful companies run by millennials offer products such as masala chai, gourmet vegan food, green juice and sous vide dishes. As the tastes of consumers become more diverse, you can be sure millennial entrepreneurs will be there to fill each niche.

The 3D printing business is another industry that offers an exceptional opportunity for millennial entrepreneurs. With the market projected to exceed $4 billion within a year, the 3D printing industry is booming in popularity. As 3D printers become increasingly affordable, more consumers will adopt the technology. The machines can make toys, replacement parts for headphones, household products and other useful items. As the technology continues to advance, the sky is the limit.

One up and coming leader in the millennial entrepreneur scene is Sawyer Howitt, a project manager at Meriwether Group who plans to earn a degree in entrepreneurial finance at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. In his role with Meriwether Group, a leading business acceleration and branding firm, Howitt focuses on finance, the ongoing evolution of commerce and the role of technology in business development. His skill set includes anticipating a company's operational needs and cultivating a brand's connection to consumers.

Howitt brings a broad range of experience to his position. He has directed philanthropic groups, supported women's rights organizations and mentored young people. He honed his customer service skills while working at Kure Juice Bar in Portland, Oregon.

Howitt ranks San Francisco, Austin and Salt Lake City among the top cities for young entrepreneurs. Away from the office, Howitt enjoys racquetball, fly fishing and following the Portland Trail Blazers. He keeps a close eye on the latest trends in music, fashion, health and fitness.

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