Doe Deere is Helping Cats In Need Through Makeup

Doe Deere

Lime Crime, a cosmetics company founded by Doe Deere, launched Kitty Bundles on May 11, 2017. The company has over 3 million followers on social media sites, such as Instagram. The bundles feature a variety of items that include Diamond Crusher, Velvetines, and Unicorn Lipstick. The bundles are sold to benefit Kitty Bungalow. This is an organization that rescues cats and kittens in Los Angeles.

The organization, Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, takes in cats and kittens that are found on the street that are otherwise feral. They have not been raised by people in most cases, so they don't know what it's like to be held and loved. Doe Deere has declared that 20 percent of the sales generated from the Kitty Bundles will go to the Kitty Bungalow. The goal of the organization is to bring awareness to cats and to turn the cats into lovable pets that can be adopted.

Lime Crime is a company that is 100 percent vegan free, and there is no testing done on animals at all. The organization and the cause are dear to Doe's heart as she is an animal lover. Many of the people who work for Lime Crime love animals and are willing to help save them when there is a chance. Several of the people who work for the company will actively find cats and adopt them, nursing them to health so that they can be adopted by other people or adopted by themselves. Lime Crime is dedicated to developing cosmetics that are cruelty-free so that all people can enjoy the products.

There are a few things that you'll find in each Kitty Bundle as there are a few different ones to choose from with various colors of the products available. POUNCE features Unicorn Lipsticks, Pom Pom and Varsity. Metallic Matte Velvetines, Lana and Happi, are found in PURR. BITE includes Velvetines Fetish and Polly. You'll find Diamond Crushers, Lit and Cheap Thrill in the MEOW bundle. You can find each Kitty Bundle on the Lime Crime website. There are details about sizes and the colors of each product on the website along with other cosmetics that the company sells.

Without the assistance of companies like Lime Crime and people like Doe Deere who think of others first, organizations like Kitty Bungalow likely wouldn't exist. They wouldn't have the funds for the food that is needed for the animals and the other supplies that are required to make the cats and kittens feel safe and secure while they are being trained to allow humans to interact with them. The organization started when the founder moved into a 100-year old home and found several feral cats in the shed. The cats soon started to have babies, and Headmistress Simons knew that she had to get the population under control. The organization uses a forced love approach and doesn't keep the cats in cages while they are being taught how to be proper cats and kittens so that they can be adopted.

Doe Deere was born in Russia but moved to New York at a young age with her parents. Her first business venture was in 2004. She sold fashions that she made on eBay. In 2008, she created her line of unique cosmetics, giving the company the name Lime Crime. Doe chose the name because lime is her favorite color, and she feels that it should be a crime to be able to wear makeup in pretty colors while feeling as free as women do when it's on the face. The company sells deeply pigmented lipsticks, fingernail polish and other items that allow women to become unicorns. They can create beautiful works of art using simple products that are vegan-free.

There isn't really a typical day for Doe as she works closely with the people who work for the company, developing new products and testing them before they are released on Lime Crime's website. Lime Crime is a company that Doe is proud of as she brings ideas to life by nurturing them, similar to what Kitty Bungalow does with the cats that it takes into the shelter. One of the habits that Doe has is believing in the consumers who use the makeup that Lime Crime offers. She understands that the future of many industries is online and that more customers are making purchases online without even sampling the products. Doe puts in every effort needed to show how the makeup looks on various skin tones by asking her staff to wear the products as well. Doe also enjoys seeing pictures of customers who wear the products by Lime Crime. From bright hair color, such as blue and pink, to glitter that makes the eyes sparkle, Doe wants each woman to feel beautiful in her own skin. By putting together the Kitty Bundles, Doe is showing that she does care about the future of animals and their well-being. She goes out of her way to help others in any way that she can, whether it's with a new makeup product that encourages strength in women or a donation to an organization for cats.

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