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Kabbalah Centre International is a renowned nonprofit organization that is located in Los Angeles, California. The Center provides courses on Kabbalistic teachings and the Zohar through online avenues, study groups worldwide, regional and city-based centers. Kabbalah center international presentation was developed by Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. It comprises of multi-ethnic and international staff of teachers whose main aim is to offer Kabbalah studies and guidance to the students. The worldwide student community receives the studies via different platforms.


Previously, Rabbis had a belief that the mysteries of Kabbalah was complex and could only be taught to religious students and in this case the male students who are above forty years of age. This belief led to the notion that the Kabbalah center was a perversion of the ancient and reserved mystic tradition of Judaism.


History of the Kabbalah Centre


The first master of Kabbalist was Rav Yehuda Ashlag, and he planted the roots in the year 1922 and was the first one to bring modernity to the closely guarded wisdom. His aim was to make it more accessible. He managed to pass the mantle of leadership and publishing to his student known as Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. Later on, his student passed the mantle to Rav Berg. The revelation happened thousands of years ago, and the prime focus was on acquiring the once hidden knowledge of God. The knowledge comprised of God’s design for both the seen and the unseen universe. It is however intriguing because it is explained as the secret wisdom. Also, it is referred to as the Jewish mysticism. Initially, it was held in reserve for the elite group that comprised of the married men who were above forty. They represented scholars of the Jewish law, and the knowledge was passed through oral tradition from Adam to Abraham to Moses. Most of the Jews did not advocate for the widespread dissemination.


The primary reason for forbidding the dissemination was because Kabbalah dealt with matters about God. They had never been revealed in Torah. The wisdom had turned to the spiritual perception of God and made it more sensitive. During the 18th century, the study was more cloistered once the rabbis and the other respected Kabbalists banned the unsupervised access to the writings. Additionally, the invention of the printing press led to the distribution of books, but many Rabbis kept the Jewish mystical writing in the handwritten form. This move eliminated misinterpretation from the unlearned.


Kabbalah centres have attracted quite a number of both Jews and Non-Jew. They embraced the growing audience and welcomed people all over the globe. Currently, there are more than forty centers that are dedicated to the Kabbalah practice.


The practice of Kabbalah

Kabbalah experts explain the comeback of Judaism’s mystical interpretation of the Bible. The relationship between God and man was a trend sometimes back. Most people were talking about it, and how wonderful Kabbalah was, and they would Google to see what was going on and the new interpretation. Madonna is otherwise known as Esther (her Kabbalah name) talked about how wonderful the practice was, and she went on and on. People would argue that those were the days because later on Kabbalah was replaced with cooler trends such as the ALS bucket challenge and the man-buns. However, the 90s can still manage to come back and spark the latest trends. Kabbalah center and the Wiccan community is making a profit from the sale of potions and several other witchy products.


Kabbalah amulets could be the trending magical protection gears. The practice also involves art that is vintage and ranges from décor, framing and hanging. It is something that will make your house look beautiful with a touch of vintage. Kabbalah art stands the chance of being the famous home décor in 2017. There are also board games that serve as a reminder that people can have fun using the traditional methods. The practical artifacts represent a rising trend. The mystical 19th-century manuscript enables the users to discover their fate. Also, individuals can build their own golem in team tag which is famous for the lovers of tabletop gaming. Though it is too early to tell, some people feel that Kabbalah could rise to stardom in 2017. The enthusiast can use Kabbalah to tap into other trends that are defining 2017.


According to this article in The Guardian, Kabbalah Centre volunteer program represents the foundation of the Kabbalah Center. It is a safe and organized platform for students to discover the joy of giving back. The center mentors the students, work on cleanup activities in the beaches, and feed the homeless and visit the sick. They are dedicated to finding ways that they can serve the community. Also, the volunteers distribute Zohar and plan activities in the communities. They have managed to bring to together people with different skills and passion for the unlimited volunteering activities. Although they represent diversity, they are joined with the commitment to improve people’s lives both locally and globally. They can achieve this by improving their lives first. Sharing makes the students passionate and enthusiastic about making a difference in the community.

Kabbalah practice emphasizes on meditation within Judaism. It is the central practice of Jewish mysticism. Furthermore, it represents the experiential side of Kabbalah making it the primary source of development of the Judaism belief and mystic thought. Various traditions relate to the meditative practice. Kabbalah practice is designed to help the reader in learning and to extract the meditation practices from the classic text of Kabbalah. The students will be in a position of understanding the profound mystical and theological insights that come from spiritual experience.


Meditation allows one to be more accustomed to their thoughts, feelings and other sensations. This practice of mediation has gained popularity over the years and is believed to have several positive effects. It is thought that, people who meditate are more relaxed and think rationally unlike the others. The increased audiences in the established centers take on Kabbalah as a method of attaining mystical experiences. The evolution has made it possible for the practice to spread and to reach to more people in the world.




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