California Temperatures Soar

The summer season often brings a desire to be outdoors in LA County, California, but the heat might be simply too much for some people to handle. Triple-digit temperatures in the area are keeping many indoors while creating an ideal environment to find shelter in a swimming pool or in the ocean as a way to stay cool. The highest temperatures toward the latter part of June are expected to be in the San Fernando Valley and in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Along with the triple-digit temperatures, there are concerns for high smog levels. It doesn't look like there's any budge in the high heat anytime soon. The National Weather Service is monitoring weather conditions and smog levels, issuing warnings for residents as needed. Temperatures in some areas could reach as high as 110 degrees. With the lack of storms and rain to cool things off, it's a time when residents are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible.

There is a high-pressure system over the Pacific Ocean and parts of the western United States that is bringing the stagnant air to California as well as the high temperatures. It's like a dome of hot air hanging overhead. Excessive heat warnings are being issued for the LA County area. With the high heat, there is a possibility for health-related issues in those who are elderly, very young or who have breathing difficulties. Everyone is being encouraged to take breaks during the day and to drink plenty of water to keep from being dehydrated. Another issue that residents should know about is leaving pets or children in hot vehicles. Aside from the high temperatures, the air quality won't provide the best situation in the coming days for California until there is a significant amount of rain or cooler air to come through.



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