People Actually Paid to Sniff a Flower That Smells Like Rotting Flesh

The Conservatory of Flowers was abnormally busy this Friday as hundreds of San Francisco residents waited in line for up to a half hour to waft in a sniff of what is known as San Francisco's stinkiest plant.

The flower, aptly dubbed the Corpse Flower, originates from Sumatra and is noted to smell like decaying flesh. Because it only blooms once every 10 years, being able to bombard your nostrils with the pungent odor of the Corpse Flower is a rarity, and plant lovers were willing to pay the $6 fee to experience the scent.

The Corpse Flower is 8 feet tall, and it was the first time this particular plant has bloomed- all thanks to computer technician Sidney Price. Price purchased the Corpse Flower at a rare plant sale, and while at first the plant seemed near death, withering away with every passing day, he managed to restore it back to life with a bit of sunlight and humidity. By 2014, the Corpse Flower grew so large that he wasn't able to house it any longer.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, almost everyone left the conservatory immediately after sniffing the flower, even though admission gave them access to all of the other plants on site as well. Some were also disappointed that the odor wasn't as strong as they expected, as The Conservatory of Flowers remarked that the Corpse Flower was most potent on Thursday when they were closed.

If you missed the chance to get a sniff of the Corpse Flower, unfortunately there might never be another opportunity. This single flower is the only flower of its species in the area, so there are no chances of it pollinating.

Exhibit manager Drew Risner-Davis stated, “The plant thinks it’s in its native Sumatra. It doesn’t understand. It’s a plant.”



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