California to Pass a Bill Supporting Climate Change Reforms

For those that can remember, the people of California decided to pass a bill in the year 2004 allowing embryonic stem-cell research. While this may seem like decades ago, this $3 billion project was meant to oppose President George Bush ban on federal funding of the issue at hand. The people of California oppose the federal government from time to time, and this bill is just but an example. This is what people are feeling at the moment towards the current regime led by Donald Trump who recently withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. Other than this, the president is proposing budget cuts to other areas of the economy that are likely to affect people of California. Among the areas that will be most affected according to budget experts include public research on energy technologies.

The passing of the 2004 bill put California on the spotlight hence attracting scientists who had specialized in the area from all nations. At the end of the project, the end results were obtained and the project was a success. Now a new threat has emerged and a principal investigator at an American energy firm called Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis feels that the people of California should use this opportunity and show the world where they stand. Preliminary budget by the Trump administration has shown that there will be a budget cut of $3 billion for the department of energy. Smaller departments in the department of energy that will be affected most include the office of science and energy research program. As for the office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, they will receive a budget that will be less $1.5 from the previous year. The Moonshot ARPA-E program will be eliminated. All these cuts will have far-reaching consequences in other industries such as the bio-energy industry and vehicle technology industry.

The idea to draft a bill in California proposing clean energy in the state was drafted by Sen. Kevin de Leon. The senator feels that most of the budget suggestions and cuts by the president will not pass through Congress and some will be kicked out in the first stage. This is not the first time that California has shown its dedication to combating climate change. The state has in the past passed laws requiring the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases in the state. The Gov. of the state, Jerry Brown, is also a reformist on the issue of climate change.



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