A New Transportation Law in the State of California

If there is one thing people from the state of California hate is bad roads. The state government plans to address this issue this summer by increasing the tax levied on fuel. It’s for this reason that a war against tax increase has being waged by many people including the prominent. One person who is opposing this move is a GOP consultant known as Rob Stutzman who says that the state government has pointed a service that most Californians use on a daily basis. This new law comes into effect several months after the governor of California passed a bill to use $5.2 billion to repair highways and roads in the state. To finance this projects, the state is planning to raise the tax on gas by 12 cents while the price of diesel fuel is expected to rise by 20 cents for every gallon.

The state also revealed that it would start charging an annual vehicle fee to finance the projects. This fee will differ depending on the model of the vehicle and will range between $25 and $175. However, despite opposition, the decision to repair the infrastructure and to raise the taxes received a supermajority vote in Californian legislative houses. Not only did the legislative houses support the move but it was also supported by other important players on the market such as transportation groups and business people. However, a special election is likely to be held if the Republican Party signature gathering funded initiative goes through.

However, if the decision to repair the infrastructure goes to the ballot, it’s estimated to cost the Californian taxpayers approximately $3 million. It’s also important to note that a campaign to make this process to be decided by citizens will even cost the state more money. The GOP is also at risk of falling out with its biggest donors who support the program. Many Democrats agree with the plan but refuse to come out in public due to various reasons. Like earlier mentioned, people from the state of California do not like bad roads. At the same time, politicians from both sides fear to raise taxes as voters are likely to express their dissatisfaction in the coming elections.

However, the Democratic Party will have to do more that it’s currently doing. As for Governor Brown, he will be forced to dip deeper into his own pocket if he is to convince people to go along with his transportation plan.



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