Major Residential Expansion Planned Near California's Capital

Folsom is a California town mostly known for its infamous prison and historic background as a Gold Rush destination. Development in Folsom has been slight and perennially overshadowed by nearby cities such as According to a June report published in the Sacramento Bee, an ambitious master-planned residential development featuring more than 10,000 homes is currently under construction south of Highway 50. Folsom Ranch and Russell Ranch will be the most extensive residential developments in California this decade, and it will address the issue of low housing supply.

The project is expected to complete its first phase before the end of the year. Previous development in this region of California has created suburban sprawl, which is something that project managers intend to avoid by means of creating a mixed use zone that will combine residential and commercial areas. Right after the first residential phase is completed, the developers will start building a town center that will be connected to the Historic Folsom area and a nearby commercial district. New roads are also being planned for the purpose of connecting the neighborhoods to industrial and corporate parks.

City officials are expecting that 8,000 jobs will be created by this construction effort. The future of Folsom is being carefully planned so that it resembles the success of cities such as Irvine instead of Agrestic, the fictional California town featured in the Showtime cable network series "Weeds." In that show, Agrestic was a parody of communities such as Calabasas and Stevenson Ranch, which many people consider to be too manicured and artificial.

Up to thirty percent of the land acquired for the project will be set aside as nature preserves. Future construction may take place in the southern region of Sacramento County, which is currently unincorporated and underdeveloped. Abundant water is one advantage that the city of Folsom enjoys in terms of future construction; even during the drought periods being experience throughout California, Folsom stands out as a place where plenty of water can be used without rationing.

Taylor Morrison and CalAtlantic are the two main home builders in charge of developing Folsom and Russell Ranch. The architectural design will combine the Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial styles, and each residential section in the development will have amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, nature trails, picnic areas, fitness centers, and clubhouses for neighbors to enjoy.



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