Linda Gerull is Appointed Chief Information Officer of Francisco

Organizational restructure highly contributes to the development of new management systems with the aim of achieving excellent results. For most organizations, the introduction of new staff reflects the undying need to improve performance. That is the story of the San Francisco Department of Technology with Mayor Edwin M Lee being in charge of the appointment of a new staff member, Linda Gerull.BackgroundLinda Gerull was appointed as the new chief information officer in the department of technology in San Francisco. Her unique combination of experience in public as well as the private sector will help the technology department to strengthen its strategies in providing technological services through developing organization infrastructure in the department. According to the mayor of San Francisco California, Mr. Lee, Linda is welcome especially following her excellent track record that is linked to delivering technology solutions geared towards improving government services. Appreciation In a speech that addressed the addition of new staff, Naomi Kelly, who is the administrator of the city stated that the department was looking for an expert in information technology. Some of the qualities of the wanted expert included a clear understanding of IT operations coupled with a robust focus on customer oriented services. Linda is passionate towards these services, and she has excellent skills that can help the department to succeed in fulfilling its mission as well as the objective of the leading department in information technology.CareerLinda's professional career commenced when she was the civil engineer working for Tennessee Valley Authority. She later worked for the county of Pierce in Tacoma. She was the GIS manager. She served for fifteen years before the directorate role that she landed in 2009. As the director of information technology</strong>, Linda was in charge of overseeing the IT services in 24 county departments, 60 districts, and 45 agency subscribers. She also monitored the use of 640 software system in the county. Gerull's appointment came in recently, and she will be active in office from July 17th, 2017. Linda will be replacing the former chief information officer, Miguel Gamino.ConclusionWhile giving an appreciation speech, Linda stated that San Francisco is the hub of technology and that she was appreciative of the kind gesture of being appointed a leader in a vibrant as well as the innovative city. Linda closed her speech with acknowledgment, and she added that she was eager to partner with technology businesses in providing excellent services to the people of California.



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