A Bicyclist Suffers Minor Injuries after Colliding With an Autonomous Vehicle

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in May reported of an autonomous vehicle that collided with a bicyclist in May, in Francisco. This incident happened in the South of the market neighborhood, and reportedly the bicyclist suffered minor injuries.
The Department of Motor Vehicles has been conducting a program aimed at tracking autonomous vehicles. In the program, the DMV used a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV that was equipped with autonomous driving technology.

The said collision happened at around 5:30 pm. At the time the self-driving vehicle was cruising north on 11th Street when it made a left turn on Mission Street on the out of both lanes. At the time, there was a car on the inner of the turn which was cutting in front of the bolt but immediately braked. There was a bicyclist who was trying to cross firmly at the back of the abruptly braking car then rammed into the car’s rear.

The vehicle's occupants reported to the DMV that indeed the bicyclist had suffered minor injuries on the knee resulting from the crash. He had a scraped knee and expressed the intention of seeking immediate help from nearby health facilities. As this was only a minor incident, the vehicle occupants together with the bicyclist saw no need to call neither the paramedics nor the police. The DVM goes on to report that the rear of the car was slightly scratched, however; the bicycle was not damaged at all.

It is required for companies to seek for permits before they embark on testing their autonomous vehicles in California. They should track all the necessary data including collision reports and make all information available to the department, interested parties or clients.

Since last year, a renowned motor vehicle company, General Motors has been testing their cars such as the Bolt EV models. These types of vehicles have fittings from autonomous driving technology system. The company has been testing them in the city such as California and others, posing high risks to other motorists and road users.

Bay City News says that such autonomous vehicles in the recent past have been involved in three other collisions in the state of California alone since the start of this year. It adds that one of the accident resulted in a minor injury. If the independent vehicle companies would heed the advice that the DMV is giving, such incidences will reduce to an absolute lowest level.

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