Whales Spotted Off Long Beach Coast

People who were on one of the Harbor Breeze Cruise boats were in for a treat on June 2, 2017, when a few killer whales performed in the water. Ryan Lawler is the owner of Newport Coastal Adventure and had completed his tours for the day when he saw the whales in the water. When he turned his boat back around to get a better look, he saw several of the animals swimming and playing around. Guests on a nearby cruise boat were also able to see the whales and the magnificent dance that they gave.

The whales were first seen by the guests on the Harbor Breeze Cruise. The boat was in the water off the coast of Palos Verdes. When Captain Dan Salas and passengers spotted a group of dolphins, they noticed that the group broke apart. A few went one way, and a few went another. Viewers believe that it looked like the whales were swimming at 1,000 miles an hour. That's when a family of orca whales appeared in the water. The whales appeared to be friendly while splashing around before turning circles in the water.

Some of the whales came right up to the side of the boat to interact with the people on board. Ryan Lawler was also in the area when the whales appeared. He captured pictures and video content of the animals. This was a beautiful sight for many of the passengers on board, some crying because they were so close to the massive animals. At times, the whales were trying to communicate with the passengers. Lawler was able to take pictures of them off the coast of Long Beach before they finally swam away. Those who saw the whales know that the species is endangered and that an event that took place that afternoon is a rare treat.

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