How to Visit Napa Like a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Visit Napa like a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

If there's one thing the Napa Valley is known for, it's wine. The area boasts some of the best lands for growing grapes and is renowned the world over because of it. Wine is great and all, but there is far more to Napa than just that. Instead of going the route taken by most tourists and newcomers, veer off the paved road to explore all the fascinating sights and sounds that Napa has to offer. Here are some of the top things Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides love to do in Napa besides drink wine.

Stroll On Over to the Napa Art Walk
If you have an appreciation for 3-D art, be sure to drop by the Napa Art Walk exhibition. This popular event features the works of creative minds from all over the country and puts the spotlight on breathtaking sculptures of all kinds. Your eye might even catch a piece that you can envision sitting in your front yard, so make sure to bring your wallet along for the ride. It's nice knowing that a small portion of your purchase will go toward funding future shows.

Dig Up the Past at Napa Valley Historical Society
Are you a history buff? Ever wondered what the Valley looked like a hundred years ago or what kind of people settled there in its early days? You'll find most of your answers at the Napa Valley Historical Society. The organization collects physical pieces of Napa's past and invites the public to delve into the details. Sign up for tours or lectures led by local historians for an enriching experience that you won't ever forget.

Indulge in Olive Everything at Round Pond Estate
Napa's fertile grounds aren't just good for grape-growing. Some of the best olives on Earth are given life in this region. Round Pond Estate produces Mediterranean olives of world-class quality using old-world methods. Their selection includes traditional olive oils as well as craft oils that contain various spices, herbs, flowers, or fruit. You can also choose from a fine selection of vinegars. The olive mill hosts guided tours that explain the entire process of producing the oils from start to finish.

Take a Cooking Class at Silverado Cooking School
In a region where wine is so big, you'd be wrong to think that food isn't huge too. Food and drink go hand-in-hand, and finding the perfect combination can take your taste buds on a ride to Flavor Town. If you have any interest in preparing delicious meals at all, visit the Silverado Cooking School to polish up your rusty culinary skills. At the institution, famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes will train you on everything from basic preparation methods to advanced techniques, depending on how adventurous you're feeling.

The best part is enjoying the scrumptious dish that you've prepared all by yourself at the end of the day.

Lay Back and Relax at the Auberge Spa
Vacationing is all about relaxing, right? Melt your worries away with a spa session at Calistoga Ranch resorts. Located in an area known for its natural hot springs, guests are treated to intensely therapeutic massages and baths using mineral-rich mud and fresh spring water. However, that's just one way to pamper yourself at Auberge. The resort features all kinds of fun activities including hot air balloon rides, painting lessons, hiking and biking, yoga classes and more. After a long day of being outdoors, treat yourself to fine dining using fresh local ingredients at the resort restaurant Lakehouse.

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Explore Your Wild Side at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park
California is known for having some of the most enjoyable weather anywhere in the US, and you would be a fool not to take advantage of the climate. Instead of doing a traditional wine tasting at one of dozens of wineries in the area, get outside and go on an exciting adventure through the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. One of the biggest attractions is making the arduous climb up to the famed Mount St. Helena. Along the way, you'll enjoy gorgeous scenery comprising of awe-inspiring tree lines, majestic mountains, rolling hills, and a blue sky that doesn't like clouds. Just remember to bring along a backpack filled with water, snacks, and sun tan lotion if you don't want to get beat up by the unrelenting sun.

No Wine in Napa? No Problem.
We know what you're thinking, wine lovers. How can you visit the Napa Valley and not make the trip revolve around wine? Well, that's because you can make a living out of being surrounded by wine when you sign on with Traveling Vineyard. If you love the idea of having a flexible schedule and plenty of free time to do as you please, Traveling Vineyard could be the start of a fun and fulfilling career for you.

The gist of being a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is to plan wine tastings for a wide variety of clients. Many of these individuals are wine enthusiasts, just like yourself. In addition to helping your hosts set up and prep for the event, you also play the lead role and guide your guests through the entire experience. Here is where you can shine. Let your enthusiasm for wine take you away as you describe the complex flavors and suggest food pairings. After a successful tasting event, the tasters will have the opportunity to order any wine from the winery that they have just previously sampled.

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With Traveling Vineyard, you'll become part of a supportive family that looks out for each and everyone of its members. From training to advice, help is never more than just a call away. Even if you're not the biggest fan of wine, becoming a wine guide could be an excellent side income for you. If the idea of drinking and selling wine appeals to you, check out Traveling Vineyard to learn more about your dream job.

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