Samuel Strauch Reveals the 10 U.S. Cities with the Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods

Samuel Strauch Reveals the 10 US Cities with the Hottest Surburbs

You said you'd never leave the big city. You thought you couldn't do without the thriving nightlife, the urban boutiques or the seemingly endless dining options. But life has changed for many millennials, who are now seeking affordable housing, low crime areas and good schools. Fortunately, according to in-depth analysis of the nation's largest cities, there are a few hidden gems where young families can have the best of both worlds.

1. Denver, Colorado
Greater Denver is known for its cultural attractions and vibrant sports scene, but it's only a hop, skip and jump away from Northeast Denver (ZIP code 80239). With a median price of $270,000 (compared to $544,000), this area is getting attention for trendy attractions like Stanley Marketplace, a neighborhood centerpiece with good food, craft beer and a yoga studio. The former industrial area is one of the hottest places for millennials starting a family, as proven by the 27% jump in home prices since last year.

2. Dallas, Texas
Dallas is known for its hospitality, thriving nightlife and sprawling ranch-style houses. But the median urban home price ($501,500) is a little steep for a new family. Fortunately, you can saddle up and move just a few miles northeast to Wylie (ZIP code 75098) and save 26% on the same square footage. It's perfect for commuters seeking a piece of land of their own, away from the high crime rate and noise of the big city. The area has seen economic growth the last few years and is hoping to open a community college in 2020.

3. San Francisco, California
You may have thought San Francisco was out of your price range, but nearby Dublin (ZIP code 94568) is gaining popularity as an affordable option for modern families. With a savings of 22%, home buyers also sign up for highly-rated schools, better air, access to the Bay Area Rapid Transit station, popular night spots, a community college and even cultural attractions, like the Dublin Castle. The median home price is $890,000, and the area has nearly 2,000 new residential units scheduled for completion in the next seven years.

4. Austin, Texas
It's no wonder people are flocking to this college town with its live music options and a world-famous film festival. Unfortunately, with popularity came higher housing prices (the median price is $494,500), which is why younger families have set their sights on Daffan, a small neighboring town with a median home price of $338,000 (a 30% difference). Daffan is home to the Austin Rodeo, Fair and Stock Show and even boasts a medium-sized exposition center that hosts nationally-recognized recording artists.

5. Tampa, Florida
Many people are drawn to Tampa's moderately-priced housing (median home price $350,000) and strong job market. Just a few miles outside the city limits, young families can get the same square footage for 62% less. The median home price for homes in Palm River–Clair Mel (ZIP code 33619) include spacious back yards, a low crime rate and top-notch schools.

6. Orlando, Florida
Orlando is the home of Disneyworld, Universal Studios, a huge assortment of five-star dining options, and even has its fair share of cultural and historical attractions. Unfortunately for millennials, the housing prices continue to rise each year. Those searching for more affordable housing can save 17% by moving to Vista East (ZIP code 32829), where the median house price of $231,500 is a bargain when you consider your family is still only minutes away from unlimited family fun at the parks. The area has its fair share of good schools, libraries, a community pool and parks, making it ideal for young families.

7. Miami, Florida
You may have thought you couldn't afford to live in the Miami area, where home prices average around $470,500. But what if I told you that the nightlife, shopping and top-notch dining in Miami are only a stone's throw away from Cutler Bay (ZIP code 33189), where the median home price is a mere $290,000? The Deering Estate Park neighborhood is an affordable beach town (located on Biscayne Bay) that has easy access to big city fun in Miami and North Key Largo.

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8. San Jose, California
The housing prices in San Jose may stink with a median home priced at $1,149,500, but putting up with a little bit of stink in Milpitas (ZIP code 95035) can save you 26%. Milpitas is known for its unique scent, but young families continue to thumb their nose at big city home prices and opt for Milpita's median home price of $850,000 so they can still enjoy the beauty and convenience of living near San Jose. The area is looking at mass transit and more housing to accommodate those looking for a good buy.

9. Nashville, Tennessee
Every young musician dreams of moving to Nashville, and now they can actually afford it. Located just 33 miles outside of Nashville is a neighborhood called Williamsburg in Murfreesboro (ZIP code 37129), where home buyers can find median homes priced at $295,00 (compared to $422,000 in Nashville). The area is full of cultural and family attractions, two hospitals and lots of job opportunities.

10. Raleigh, North Carolina
It may not be less expensive, but the city of Apex (ZIP code 27502) is so rich with attractions and opportunities that it actually costs a bit more to live in the suburbs of Raleigh. The median home price of $429,000 is 3% more than Raleigh's, but residents say it's well worth it. This area is home to tech giants IBM and Cisco, Duke University, and a plethora of job opportunities. Apex was rated the best place to live in 2015 by Money Magazine.

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