Google engineer shows extraordinary nighttime mobile photography

Google engineer shows extraordinary nighttime mobile photography

A Google software engineer who previously worked at Industrial Light & Magic recently shared some experimentation he conducted with the 6P and Pixel cameras, with focus on nighttime photography.

The Google Pixel as well as its precursor the Nexus 6P boasts to have the best mobile cameras, thanks to Google’s algorithmic wizardry behind the scenes. These cameras can perform in the low-light as well.

However, it turns out that there is still a vast amount of untapped potential that is simply waiting to be unlocked.

Florian Kainz, a software engineer with Google Daydream, conducted the new experiments with an aim to re-erect a low-light, long-exposure shot with a specialized DSLR using the mobile sensors inside Google’s handsets.

What the Google engineer did was to shoot bursts of 32 or 64 two-second exposures using a tripod-mounted phone in the DNG format. Then, he brought all that data back to his PC for some masterful post-processing. Finally, he made some manual adjustments to offset tiny bits of movement between frames to create extraordinary nighttime mobile photography.



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