Researchers find brain ‘wonder-drugs’

Researchers find brain ‘wonder-drugs’

A few years back, a team of British researchers successfully stopped dying of brain cells in an animal. But the compound used in that promising research was not suitable for people because it caused damage organs.

However, researchers have now found a couple of drugs that can provide the same protection to the brain without causing any significant harm. Moreover, the two safe compounds are said to be already in use by people.

The new approach is concentrated on the natural defence mechanisms of the brain cells. When a virus kills brain cells, it causes a build-up of viral proteins. In response, cells shut down almost production of all proteins in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Prof. Giovanna Mallucci, of the Leicester-based MRC Toxicology Unit, called the findings of the new study “really exciting” discoveries in the field.

Commenting on the study, Prof. Mallucci said, “It’s time for clinical trials to see if there are similar effects in people and put our money where our mouth is. We’re very unlikely to cure them completely, but if you arrest the progression you change Alzheimer's disease into something completely different so it becomes liveable with.”

The findings of the new study published in the Wednesday (April 19th) edition of the Science Translational Medicine.


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