Lyrid meteor shower to peak on Saturday

Lyrid meteor shower to peak on Saturday

The recently-started Lyrids meteor shower is expected peak on coming Saturday and the best time to view the dramatic show will be early morning hours on that day, astronomers said.

American Meteor Society (AMS) said in a statement that the Lyrids meteor shower will be most viewable during a waning crescent moon, which will be better than a full moon. Nevertheless, moonlight could cause some insignificant interference.

AMS suggested sky watchers, “It would be best to face toward the northern half of the sky with the moon at your back. This will allow you to see the fainter Lyrids, which will be more numerous than the bright ones.”

The Lyrids appear to emerge from an area in the sky to right of the brilliant star Vega. The higher the star Vega is in the sky, the more Lyrid meteor showers are likely to be seen.

While the Lyrids typically present a modest show, many outbursts have taken place in the past. For instance, an event in 1982 presented as many as one hundred meteors per hour.

The Lyrids, one of the oldest known meteor showers, are produced by debris from the comet Thatcher that takes nearly 415 years to orbit around the Sun.



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