Microsoft trying to address Windows 10 updates-related confusion

Microsoft trying to address Windows 10 updates-related confusion

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is reportedly preparing to address confusion for users of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) when they try to put off Windows 10 updates and upgrades.

Currently, the software firm has Group Policy settings to postpone Windows 10 updates as well as upgrades that several users of SCCM think they have to have to activate in order to control the arrival of Windows 10 under the company’s operating system (OS) servicing plans.

The company’s OS servicing plans presently has “current branch” (CB) and “current branch for business” releases. But, those defer settings are unfortunately supposed to be for Windows Update for Business, which is a different company client management scheme.

Jason Sandys, a senior consultant at Coretech Alliance, offered a piece of advice for SCCM users who might be thinking to turn on the Defer Update and Upgrades setting.

In a blog post, “If you are using System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) for updates, you should not be setting this value at all … Setting this value, as detailed in the post above, enables dual-scan for Windows Update which in turn has multiple nasty side effects.”

Separately, the Windows 10 “creators update (v. 1703)” is bringing a new policy for IT professionals that will allow them to hide Settings-related controls from end users. This new addition will also be available for mobile device management systems like Microsoft Intune.



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