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Northern California News team delivers the facts in a quick and efficient manner. The reports published on the website are unbiased and our team maintains high standard of journalism integrity. We deliver local news from San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto.

Tyler Pirone reports about politics and local issues related to San Francisco. Pirone lives in San Francisco and brings an engaging twist to his journalism and writing by adding quirks while being brutally honest.
Email: pirone@norcal.news

Matt Osterhoff reports the local events from San Francisco and San Jose. He also reports about government policies related to education sector.
Email: osterhoff@norcal.news

Alex Cheslik is always excited about the new innovations in technology and has covered essentially all the leading breakthroughs of the advanced electronics-communications fields over the last 10 years. He reports for Northern California News on topics related to technology and electronics.
Email: cheslik@norcal.news

Sean Lippert has been interested in cars and vehicles for the past 20 years. His father worked at General Motors and he decided to pursue career in automobiles sector. He reports daily news about automobiles.
Email: lippert@norcal.news

Claire Minghine provides daily reports on business with special focus on California and Silicon Valley. Goheen loves to attend happening events and covering live news.
Email: minghine@norcal.news

John DiPietro is a well-versed news reporter that strives to provide the most genuine takes, journalism, and news for your reading pleasure. He reports on Cleantech and emerging technologies.
Email: dipietro@norcal.news

Jake Shuart reports Local events. He also manages reporting on Media and local Tourism sector at Northern California News.
Email: shuart@norcal.news

Jeanne Rife reports Science News at NORCAL. She spends her weekends playing with kids.
Email: rife@norcal.news

Junior Reporters

Cassidy Lohman reports local and national business news. Olsen also covers stock markets and company results.
Email: lohman@norcal.news
Heather Mullett reports local news from Sacramento and Fresno.
Email: mullett@norcal.news
Emma Tiller reports Health News and keeps a close watch on the Medical Services Sector.
Email: tiller@norcal.news
Ashley Gessert reports Local News and keeps an eye on the Media sector. She also manages the issues related to website.
Email: gessert@norcal.news
Maggie Schiffer reports the Legal News and Crime related news in Northern California.
Email: schiffer@norcal.news


Whether you want to ask us a question, would like to solve a problem, or just give us a suggestion, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here.

Email: editor@norcal.news

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