Microsoft will share Project Scorpio Xbox console at E3

Microsoft will share Project Scorpio Xbox console at E3

Microsoft will soon share Project Scorpio Xbox console with gamers as per Xbox chief Phil Spencer. Making the announcement on Microsoft blog, Spencer said that his team is excited to share Project Scorpio Xbox console at E3 this year. Technology experts were expecting Microsoft to hold a special event for unveiling of Project Scorpio Xbox console. Gamers will have to wait till June for E3.

Microsoft is also holding a major education-focused event on May 2. Microsoft has already shared some details and hardware specifications for Project Scorpio. Microsoft has not revealed the cost of its new console. Project Scorpio will be the first true 4K console with amazing graphics capabilities.

Xbox has remained as a major project for Microsoft and the company has offered an amazing selection of games for its console.

In his post, Spencer said, “We’ve created the most powerful console with you in mind. We’ve created the most powerful development platform with our industry’s creators in mind. And, we’re unifying players across PC and console with Xbox Live, the fastest, most reliable multiplayer network and Beam, the next generation streaming service. Ultimately, we know you care most about great games, whether they be exclusive, multiplatform, independent or AAA. We are proud of the diverse lineup of games coming this year that will only be playable on Xbox One and will play better on Project Scorpio.”

Gamers will be eagerly waiting to see what Microsoft has in store for them. With Project Scorpio, Microsoft could raise the bar in console segment and might offer tough competition to Sony and Nintendo.



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