NASA sections off Earth to be ‘adopted’ by supporters

NASA sections off Earth to be ‘adopted’ by supporters

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) has sectioned off thousands of individual pieces of our planet on its website to be “adopted” by supporters.

The 64,000 pieces of Earth are around 55 miles wide and have been assigned randomly. Similar to naming of a star or adopting a highway, participants will not get legal or property rights to the section they will adopt.

In simple words, it is just for fun and education, as well as to attract people’s attention to consequences of climate change.

What the American space agency can provide participants with individualized scientific data about their adopted sections of the planet. Users will also be able to explore and interact with a world map to produce certificates from anywhere in the world.

The federal agency’s worldview website provides visitors access to just a few hours old satellite images. Historic images for some locations can go back as far as three decades.

Participants will also be able to share their certificates on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. NASA has expressed hope to have every piece of the planet adopted by April 22, which marks Earth Day.


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