Qualcomm files countersuit against Apple

Qualcomm files countersuit against Apple

Qualcomm, the chi maker that was hit by a barrage of lawsuits by Apple earlier this year, has filed a counter suit against the iPhone maker.

In the lawsuit filed in the Southern District of California, the chip maker alleged that Apple interfered with long-term agreements and misused its power to pay less for a patent license.

The lawsuit states five key complaints, including the allegation that the iPhone maker knowingly did not use the full potential of its chips in iPhone 7 so that they could not perform better than the Intel modems.

The chip maker alleged, “Apple chose not to utilize certain high-performance features of the Qualcomm chipsets for the iPhone 7 (preventing consumers from enjoying the full extent of Qualcomm’s innovation).”

Qualcomm also alleged that the Cupertino-based tech giant falsely claimed that it made ‘no discernible’ difference between the aforementioned two variants.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in January 2017, and sought $1 billion from the chip manufacturer, arguing that the chip maker had been overcharging for the use of its patents.