U.S. Air Force open to use SpaceX’s recycled rockets

U.S. Air Force open to use SpaceX’s recycled rockets

In a bid to slash space mission launch costs for the Pentagon, the U.S. Air Force indicated on Friday that it could buy rides on SpaceX’s ‘used’ rockets to place military satellites into Earth’s orbit.

The idea of using recycled rockets became a reality a few days back when SpaceX successfully launched a communications satellite using a Falcon 9 rocket that formerly put a cargo ship into orbit for the government-run space agency NASA.

That rocket’s main stage had been recovered by the company from its successful return landing on a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean shortly after its previous flight that took place in April last year.

General John Jay Raymond of the Air Force Space Command said, “I would be comfortable if we were to fly on a reused booster. They’ve proven they can do it. ... It’s going to get us to lower cost.”

Meanwhile, SpaceX has released a video of its reused Falcon 9 rocket’s successful landing last week. The hard to believe footage has recently been uploaded on Instagram.

The incredible footage shows the Falcon 9 rocket successfully returning and landing on SpaceX’s “Of Course I Still Love You” drone ship. It returned and safely landed after delivering the communications satellite SES-10 into the orbit.



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