West Virginia lawmakers to consider medical marijuana legalization bill

West Virginia lawmakers to consider medical marijuana legalization bill

Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates are scheduled to discuss a controversial bill on Monday that aims to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Late last week, the state House approved House Judiciary Chairman John Shott’s request for an additional two days to review the proposed legislation. Shott described the new bill as a “much more aggressive” measure.

Explaining the bill, Shott said, “Not all medical marijuana laws are the same. There are some that are much more aggressive. I think this one is much more aggressive — the bill we have — and I think the members ought to be able to consider one that’s a little more cautious.”

The measure, called State Bill 386 (SB 386) would lead to the creation of the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act. During Monday’s floor session, the bill will be on its second reading, amendment stage.

Under the proposal, the commission would be responsible for creating patient identity cards, set fees and regulations for the legal production, distribution as well as use of the drug. It would also determine conditions where doctors could recommend the drug for medical usage.



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