EU, China to take lead on cutting global emissions

EU, China to take lead on cutting global emissions

Following Donald Trump’s recent “energy independence” executive order, the European Union has said that it is now up to the EU and China to take the lead on cutting global carbon emissions.

Speaking to reporters following a meeting with Chinese officials, EU climate commissioner Miguel Arias Canete said that it was very disappointing that the U.S. President was rolling back the Obama administration’s climate policies.

Canete stressed that the EU and China remained committed to keep on making efforts to tackle the increasing problem of climate change.

Speaking on the issue, Canete said, “We are not going to backslide even if the United States at the moment…is backsliding from its previous commitments.”

Meanwhile, climate scientists have warned that Trump’s executive order to sweep away Obama administration’s policies on climate change could endanger the nation’s efforts to build resilience to potential natural disasters.

They stressed that the reversal in the nation’s climate change regulations are coming at a moment when the impacts of carbon emissions are climate change are intensifying.



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