World’s strongest coffee now available in US

World’s strongest coffee now available in US

Black Insomnia, the world’s strongest coffee, is finally available in the United States. However, experts have warned even a single cup of Black Insomnia could spill a person over the daily caffeine limit.

Sean Kristafor, the founder of Black Insomnia, contends that it has scientific evidence that its brew packs numerous times the punch of a typical cup of Joe.

Kristafor claims that the South African newcomer has achieved “dangerously high levels” of caffeine by harvesting merely Robusta beans; rather than the milder Arabica variety of the coffee beans.

However, health experts are concerned as one cup (12 oz.) of coffee could add up to 702 mg of caffeine, while the FDA recommends no more than 400 mg of caffeine daily.

Mary Sweeney, an expert from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, said, “This makes it easier to consume more caffeine than you intend to and effects can range from mild to severe, for example, jitteriness, nervousness, restlessness and trouble sleeping. The most serious effect would be cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).”

Retailing at $19 per pound, Black Insomnia sold three tones more than the other local shops online in August last year. By October, the company had customers in nearly two dozen countries. Now, it is selling five to six tones of coffee per month.



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