Nintendo Switch players find ‘vertical’ mode in Neo-Geo games

Nintendo Switch players find ‘vertical’ mode in Neo-Geo games

A few games available on the Nintendo Switch allow players to hold the console vertically, increasing the possibility of more vertically oriented titles to come to the platform in the near future.

A Reddit user identified as HandsomeCostanza reported he noticed the new feature while playing golf video game Neo Turf Masters -- one of the few Neo Geo ports available via the Switch eShop.

Some other Reddit users reported that all of the Switch’s Neo Geo game titles are offering this option, with the ability to stretch the picture to full screen vertically.

However, some reported that this mode would be a rather uncomfortable mode to play games on the Switch console for a number of reasons. Holding the unit vertically while leaving the “bottom” Joy-Con controller still attached to it makes it hard to balance the device.

Some experts suggested that a vertical Switch configuration would make sense only if the device is placed in some kind of stand, and the player uses both Joy-Cons by themselves or in a Grip controller.



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