SpaceX’s Dragon containing space research arrives in San Pedro

SpaceX’s Dragon containing space research arrives in San Pedro

An array of scientific samples, including research into new life-saving drugs, arrived in San Pedro inside SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft on Monday, a day after the spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean.

The reusable cargo ship loaded with 3,800 pounds of scientific samples, no-longer-needed equipment and trash was released by the International Space Station’s robotic arm at 0900 GMT, and it took more than 6 hours to return to Earth, landing off the coast of Baja California at around 1600 GMT.

The ship NRC Quest picked up the intact capsule, and carried it to its docking station at the Port of Los Angeles. Workers unloaded it Monday morning.

Patrick O’Neill, a spokesperson for the Center of Advancement of Science in Space, said, “The vast majority (of the cargo) goes to Houston and then gets disseminated to the researchers. There are some that are time-sensitive or time-critical such as volatile cells or model organisms that can’t wait a couple of weeks in Houston.”

The CRS-10 mission was the Hawthorne-based rocket maker’s 10th commercial resupply mission to the orbiting lab in partnership with U.S. space agency NASA.

SpaceX made history when it parked a capsule at the ISS in 2012, becoming the first commercial company to do so. It is unique as it can be recovered from space, enabling researchers to get back research samples after conducting tests in the space.



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