Oceans are heating up 13% faster than previously thought: study

Oceans are heating up 13% faster than previously thought: study

Earth’s oceans are warming 13 per cent faster than previously thought and the pace of warming has accelerated over the past few decades, a new study has warned.

Using a new strategy to improve upon their understanding of ocean warming to estimate overall global warming from 1960 to 2015, researchers estimated that the rate of warming from 1992 is almost twice as higher as the warming rate from 1960.

Lead study author Lijing Cheng said, “We proposed an advance gap-filling strategy and used it to attain near global coverage. We rigorously evaluated the reliability of our approach and as a result, we have much higher confidence that the ocean and the Earth are warming at a faster rate than previously thought.”

According to the study, a large amount of heating occurred in the southern oceans, and the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean started to heat up only recently. The researchers also discovered that only since around 1990 ocean warming has penetrated to depths below 700 meters.

The alarming findings of the new study published in the most recent edition of the journal Science Advances.



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