Some easy ways to protect Twitter accounts

Some easy ways to protect Twitter accounts

In wake of the latest spate of Twitter hacks, cyber security experts are suggesting some easy-to-adopt ways for social network users to protect their accounts.

The best as well as the easiest way to protect an account from a potential hacking attack in the future is to change password. The password should include numerical, alphabetical or other symbols that should be hard to detect by a hacker.

One should also revoke access to any type of third-party analytic apps that may plug into Twitter or other social media accounts, such as Twitter Counter.

In a hacking attack in November last year, a large number of users of Twitter service were suddenly received a disturbing spam message. Written in Turkish, the message appeared to target Holland with hashtags like “#NaziHollanda” or “#Nazialmanya,” and the source appeared to be the third party app Twitter Counter.

Popular magazine Forbes and actress Sarah Shahi’s Twitter accounts were among the affected accounts. It was message accompanied by a YouTube video.

One can remove access to third party apps by signing into their accounts on twitter, and going to account settings and clicking the Apps tab. There the user will see a list of all of the apps connected to his/her account. One can remove any unwanted apps.



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