Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can reportedly pair to PC, Mac & Android

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can reportedly pair to PC, Mac & Android

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can be paired not only to PC but also to Mac and Android devices via Bluetooth, YouTube user DreWoof announced yesterday.

DreWoof showed in a video that Joy-Cons can communicate with the Switch via Bluetooth and can be paired as controllers for other Bluetooth-enabled devices as well.

Currently, a Joy-Con is known to have to ability to pair as a single controller. In other words, it is only possible to use one Joy-con for two-player games.

Making use of both devices as a single controller (as per the Switch in handheld-mode) is currently not supported by default. However, some third-party software or updates to the driver could make that possible in the future.

As iOS-based devices use a diverse wireless specification, one will unluckily not be able to use Joy-Cons to control iPhone or iPad games in the near future.

The Switch launched in North America in March, whereas most Nintendo home consoles, including the Wii, Wii U and GameCube, will likely make their debut in North America during the holiday season.



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