Seattle man creates notification app for April the giraffe

Seattle man creates notification app for April the giraffe

Animal lovers and wildlife advocates continue to keep a close eye on a pregnant giraffe due to give birth soon at Animal Adventure Park in New York.

Zoo keepers said that the giraffe named April is 15, and giraffe pregnancies typically last around 15 months. The calf will likely weigh nearly 150 pounds and be around 6 feet tall at birth.

Now, a Seattle resident named Tom Horton has created an app to make it easier for the giraffe’s fans to track the upcoming delivery. The “active-delivery” app dubbed Giraffe Watch will users an email when something worth watching will happen in the pregnant creature’s pen.

Horton created the app during his lunch break and told the world about it on Facebook, where it quickly started grabbing attention.

Speaking about his app, Horton said, “The initial plan was that I’d stay up that night and watch for labor to start. Three days later I’ve decided that sleep is a little more important, so I made a system to let watchers self report. Once those start coming in, I’ll verify it myself and trigger the alert.”

Horton added that his fiancée came up with the idea of creating the app after a friend joked that she would pay someone $20 to get a text message when the giraffe’s labor would start.



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