Coral reefs are in serious danger: experts warn

Coral reefs are in serious danger: experts warn

The Great Barrier Reef and several other reef systems are in serious danger unless stronger actions are taken to reduce greenhouse gases, experts have warned.

Last year’s higher-than-usual temperatures led to coral bleaching, causing massive damages to the Great Barrier Reef and other reef systems. Marine biologists warned that the reef damages witnessed last year might not be the last in the coming few years.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change has been designed to significantly decrease greenhouse gasses to reduce the speed of the soaring temperatures, which are being blamed for global warming and climate change. However, experts suggest more actions are needed.

Dr. Gareth Williams, a coral reef expert from Bangor University, said, “The Paris agreement is good example of a co-ordinated effort to try and curb greenhouse gas emissions, and if we stick to it, it will reduce greenhouse gases, but even if we adhere to it, it won't buy that much more time for reefs.”

Given the consistently soaring temperatures and sea levels, coral bleaching events may become an annual event by the year of 2030 and beyond. It is particularly disturbing given the fact that coral reefs take up to twenty years to recover from a massive bleaching event.



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