Americans are now more stressed: survey

Americans are now more stressed: survey

People in the United States are now more stressed than they used to be a decade ago, a fresh survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) revealed.

In a poll conducted by APA, Americans not only reported anxiety and stress around their personal life issues like work and money but also cited politics as a serious stress-causing factor in their lives.

The association heard from its members that their patients experienced higher levels of stress ahead of the presidential election. It was more surprising that those emotions have not let up after the November election; rather they got worse with political talks.

Psychologist Vaile Wright, a member of the association’s Stress in America team, said that Muslims, immigrants and sexual trauma victims were found to be particularly prone to greater stress since the presidential election.

Dr. Katherine C. Nordal, executive director for professional practice at APA, said, “The stress we’re seeing around political issues is deeply concerning, because it’s hard for Americans to get away from it. We’re surrounded by conversations, news and social media that constantly remind us of the issues that are stressing us the most.”

As per the survey, conducted earlier this year, 66 per cent of Americans were found to be stressed about the future of the nation, while 57 and 49 per cent of the responders reported stress about the current political climate and the election outcome, respectively. Common stress-related symptoms include tension, headaches, feeling overwhelmed and depression.



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