Debate over Planned Parenthood funding continues

Debate over Planned Parenthood funding continues

U. S. President Donald Trump and other Republicans have threatened to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood because clinics operating under the organization provide abortion services as well.

This Saturday, the debate over the issue will peak with protest rallies across the nation, including at clinics in San Francisco, Redwood City and Napa, demanding "defunding" of Planned Parenthood.

Michigan resident Monica Migliorino Miller, a member of the antiabortion coalition that is organizing the demonstrations, said, "The whole issue would go away if they just didn't offer abortion services."

During the fiscal year ended June 2015, Planned Parenthood received $553.7 million in federal grant money and Medicaid reimbursements. The figure represents 43 per cent of the organization's total budget.

Opponents of abortion are of the view that stripping Planned Parenthood of all federal funding will help their cause. Addressing a crowd at "March for Life" in Washington, D. C., on 27th of January, Vice President Mike Pence declared that ending federal aid for abortion clinics was a priority for the Trump administration.

Supporters of the controversial procedure are also planning counter-protests, arguing that loss of federal funding for planed Parenthood would hurt millions of patients, particularly in low-income and minority communities.



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