Moon swept by Venus in the night sky

Moon swept by Venus in the night sky

Just after sunset on Sunday, sky gazers were able to feat their eyes on the two brightest objects in the night sky as the Moon was swept by Venus.

The thin waxing crescent Moon, the only natural satellite of our planet, looked rather low in the sky just after the sunset and many caught it soon after before it disappeared.

As the Moon is gradually sliding away from the setting Sun, toward Venus, it will appear even closer to the planet after sunset on January 30, 2017. Eventually, the Moon will be sweeping right by Venus and then Mars to round out the month of January.

The month of February will bring the best evening sky of this year. Not only Venus is blazing at its brightest as well as highest as an evening star but also Orion continues to be resplendent.

The natural satellite will be lying above-left of two planets, viz. Mars and Venus, on the 1st of February and hide numerous stars in the Hyades cluster in the Taurus constellation on the 5th of the next month.

Gaseous planet Saturn will cross the border between Ophiuchus and Sagittarius, and rise in the southeast three hours before the Sunrise and appear below-right of the Moon before dawn on the 21st of February.



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