Woman argues ‘lesbianism’ listed as a problem on her medical record

Woman argues ‘lesbianism’ listed as a problem on her medical record

A North Carolina health care system launched an investigation after a female patient complained that she found "lesbianism" listed under the category of medical problems on her medical history record.

Kristina Rodriguez told reporters that she had blood work done at Lake Park Family Practice of Carolinas Healthcare System. After getting the procedure done, she was shocked to find lesbianism listed as a medical issue on her medical record.

Rodriguez argued that it is quite normal for people in 2017 to have a same-sex partner, and listing lesbianism as a medical problem can set such individuals back.

Making her argument, Rodriguez said, "This listed as a medical problem could really set someone back, could mess with their self-esteem and could make them think something is wrong with them. It's 2017. It's very normal for people to have a same-sex partner."

She admitted that her doctor at the medical care provider offered to move her sexual orientation from the category of "medical problem" section of her medical history record to the general notes area.

Meanwhile, the Carolinas HealthCare System has admitted that it wasn't an apt clinical diagnosis, and that they system was actively investigating how this information was included in the woman's medical history record.


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