CDC postpones climate conference ahead of Trump’s inauguration

CDC postpones climate conference ahead of Trump’s inauguration

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) postponed a climate conference ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, a spokesperson for the federal agency confirmed on Monday.

The Climate & Health Summit, which had been in the works for the last many months, had been scheduled to take place next month in Atlanta. The summit’s aim was to provide public health officials from around the nation with an opportunity to learn more about the increasing evidence of the health risks posed by climate change.

But, the federal agency abruptly canceled the summit before President Trump’s inauguration, and informed those who had been slated to speak at the event through an email on Jan. 9, 2017.

In the terse email, CDC officials didn’t explain the reason behind their decision to postpone the planned climate conference. However, they said they were exploring options to reschedule the event.

CDC spokesperson Bernadette Burden said in a statement, “We are exploring options to reschedule the meeting while considering budget priorities for fiscal year 2017, including the current continuing resolution, and potential overlap with an APHA conference on the same topic also being held later in 2017.”

While CDC officials didn’t reveal the reason behind postponement of the conference, some keynote speakers believe that the decision was taken with Trump’s views on climate change. Trump has repeatedly called climate change a ‘hoax.’



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