Binary star system predicted to merge & explode in five years

Binary star system predicted to merge & explode in five years

A binary star system in the constellation Cygnus will merge and explode in five years, a team of astronomers from Calvin College, Apache Point Observatory and the University of Wyoming predicted.

Larry Molnar of Calvin College had originally predicted the potential merger and explosion of the KIC 9832227 binary star system in 2015. Now, he has confirmed that his theory will become a reality by 2022.

The two stars are spinning around each another while also pushing ahead on the way to merge. Molnar and his team estimated that they will collide and explode, resulting in a red nova, in five years.

Predicting the merger and explosion, Molnar said, “The core of this [new] scientific presentation is that we have done two strong tests and that our hypothesis [from 2015] is holding up. We have eliminated the alternative interpretations and we have also refined the predicted time to 2022, plus or minus one year.”

He added that it’s a one-in-a-million chance that one can predict an explosion. The two stars in question share a common atmosphere like two peanuts share a common shell.

Molnar presented his theory at the American Astronomical Society’s meeting in Grapevine, Texas.


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