Samsung’s FlexWash+FlexDry Laundry System: at a glance

Samsung’s FlexWash+FlexDry Laundry System: at a glance

South Korean electronics giant Samsung’s newly unveiled FlexWash+FlexDry Laundry System boasts to have several unique features that allow it to stand out in the world’s crowed market.

The Samsung FlexWash+FlexDry Laundry System features a side-by-side front-load combination of washer and dryer pair, but washer and dryer in the two units have been fitted into the top of the machine.

While the new system’s concept is a bit analogous to LG’s Twin Wash system, some of its features give it distinction. FlexWash, the main front-load unit, and the accompanying top-load unit have been integrated into the same appliance body.

It doesn’t need two separate water lines. Thus, instead of having to install two water lines, FlexWash has an internal separator which sends the front-load water one direction and the top-load water the other direction.

FlexDry has two-in-one dryer unit, which allows users to dry two loads simultaneously. It also allows different types of clothes to get custom care.

In addition to all those features, the Samsung FlexWash+FlexDry Laundry System claims to have a unique feature that allows users to control it with a smartphone via the Samsung Smart Home app.



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