LG will unveil Three Robots at CES 2017

LG will unveil Three Robots at CES 2017

LG will showcase three new robots at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. LG could surprise technology experts with some of its interesting gadgets at CES. LG will include three non-cleaning robots at CES. In a press statement, LG informed that the company will also showcase an automated vacuum cleaner LG HOM-BOT. With so many automated gadgets at CES, LG could steal the limelight from other companies and emerge as a leader in the segment.

Providing more information about its upcoming robots, LG informed that one is good at gardening. Another robot can do many mechanical functions at public spaces. LG hasn’t shared complete details and has only teased technology experts with little information. Hub-Robot will act even as a personal assistant, LG claimed. LG added that its robots are equipped with artificial intelligence and can work in tandem with other appliances.

Samsung will showcase smart vacuum cleaner PowerBot VR7000 at CES. But, compared to LG, Samsung’s show at CES seems with less of surprises.

LG informed, “LG’s new robot collection will be unveiled at LG’s CES press conference on January 4 at 8:00AM PST at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and on display at LG’s booth (Central Hall #11100) in the Las Vegas Convention Center from Jan. 5-8.”

It will surely be interesting to watch out for CES Las Vegas 2017.



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