Uber, Lyft respond to allegations of discrimination against minority passengers

Uber, Lyft respond to allegations of discrimination against minority passengers

In letters addressed to Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.), ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft have officially responded to accusations of discrimination against African-American passengers using their services.

The letter by Uber and Lyft mark the responses of the two companies to a November 2-dated letter which was addressed to them by Senator Franken. In that letter, the Senator had drawn attention to a study which showed that African-American ride-hailing passengers seemingly faced longer wait times and more cancellations as compared to White passengers.

In his letter, Senator Franken had sought an explanation from Uber and Lyft as to what measures they have put in place to ensure that their drivers do not discriminate against minority passengers.

Responding to the Senator’s letter, both Uber and Lyft said that they have implemented strong anti-bias policies on their ride-hailing platforms, and have recently reiterated the policies to their drivers. In addition, the two companies also promised that they would take some more measures to make sure that minority passengers are not subjected to any bias.

Uber said that it would test out new ways to guard against discrimination and would also review the mechanism for notification of its nondiscrimination policy to drivers; while Lyft said that it would start studying ride cancellations in communities where there is a high concentration of minority residents.


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