Cyanogen fails to pick up against Android and announces closure

Cyanogen fails to pick up against Android and announces closure

Cyanogen operating system for smartphones will no longer be developed by the company as it has finally decided to end its services by the end of 2016. Cyanogen has been in the news for facing financial and management issues. The company was aiming to provide a better smartphone operating system compared to Google’s Android. However, Cyanogen has not been able to get the acceptance that the company management was expecting.

The brief announcement made by Cyanogen informed that the open source code of the project will be available for anyone to improve and launch any version of the mobile operating system. Users running on Cyanogen OS will not get any further updates from the company and they will have to shift to open-source CyanogenMod ROM.

Cyanogen has been powering a few devices including Lenovo’s Zuk Z1, Alcatel Pop Mirage, Wileyfox Spark, OnePlus One and few other smartphones. The company has not clarified what will happen with those smartphones and how the users on those devices will be able to get any security or other important updates.

The open-source CyanogenMod ROM operating system is supported by community and isn’t a commercial operating system. This could be a major blow to customers using Cyanogen. Lenovo, OnePlus and other companies that offered smartphones with Cyanogen might have to come up with an alternative for customers.

Recently, Cyanogen announced massive layoff to save costs. The company also changed its CEO recently. The company was formed in year 2013. Cyanogen community has been working for more than eight years. However, the decline of commercial company will mean a blow to community as well.


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