Amazon will deliver till midnight on Christmas Eve

Amazon will deliver till midnight on Christmas Eve

Amazon will deliver gifts for holiday shoppers till Christmas Eve midnight. The company said that its team is working extra hours to deliver smiles and gifts to its valuable customers. The service of quick delivery for last minute shoppers will be available only for Amazon Prime Now customers. Amazon Prime Now costs $99 per year and offers special discount and free delivery on many items to customers.

The late delivery service from Amazon will be available in 30 U.S. cities, the company informed. In many cities, Amazon has setup massive hubs for faster delivery of certain items covered by the company under Prime Now membership.

Amazon has been working on improving its delivery chain. The company has special project aiming at deliveries via drones. Last week, Amazon announced that it has successfully delivered an item using a drone.

Prime Now currently serves 40 cities across the world. Amazon has been pushing customers to sign up for its $99 per year membership for Prime Now. The service has witnessed increase in signups as the company has made the offerings very appealing with many features for Prime Now customers.

With Prime Now hubs in many cities across the country, Amazon is giving tough competition to local stores in these cities. The company informed that it currently stocks nearly 25,000 items at its New York hub which means that these items can be shipped very fast to customers.

A report published by USA Today informed, “Some items such as the Amazon Echo smart speaker and Nintendo's NES Classic video game system, hot sellers that are currently hard to find, can also be found on Prime Now. Amazon keeps supply for Prime Now deliveries separate from traditional Amazon orders, a potential bright spot for folks looking for an Echo or NES Classic that many not be available from Amazon online, though these in-demand items can move fast.”

Amazon spokeswoman Leah Bibbo informed, "We expect to be pretty busy. You can imagine while people are wrapping gifts, you discover that a toy you bought needs batteries. Or maybe you have people over for the evening and you run out of eggnog."



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