Report: Wearable devices failed to catch on as quickly as manufacturers had hoped

Report: Wearable devices failed to catch on as quickly as manufacturers had hoped

In a recently released report, eMarketer has revealed that the year 2016 has been a disappointing one for the wearable devices market, even though it had earlier been projected that fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearable devices will likely make a substantial push in sales during the year.

According to the latest data shared by eMarketer, the sales of wearable devices in 2016 have been not as brisk as the manufacturers had apparently hoped.

It was projected by eMarketer in October 2015 that the wearable devices category would probably show a growth of 60 percent among adults in 2016. However, eMarketer’s latest growth forecast for the wearables market is barely 24.7 percent --- that is less than half of what had been previously predicted.

About the apparent reason behind the lower-than-expected growth rate of the wearables market in 2016, eMarketer said that even though the early adopters of wearable devices appeared to be quite enthusiastic, manufacturers of wearable devices could not convince consumers that their devices are worth buying.

In addition, the eMarketer report has also pointed out that the disappointing turnover of wearable devices is also an outcome of the fact that smartwatches do not have any unique feature which is distinct from other devices. Most of the health-related features found on smartwatches are also available in fitness trackers, and many of the other smartwatch features are available on smartphones.


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