Ajit Pai: FCC needs to remove “outdated and unnecessary regulations”

Ajit Pai: FCC needs to remove “outdated and unnecessary regulations”

During the course of a speech before the Free State Foundation in Washington, DC, on Thursday, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) member Ajit Pai said that Net Neutrality’s “days are numbered” under the new US President Donald Trump.

Vowing to take a "weed whacker" to FCC regulations once Trump takes over as the new president and Republicans get the FCC's majority, Pai said that Net Neutrality rules – which forbid blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization – will be one of the first FCC’s regulations to be cut down.

Pai is a senior Republican member of the FCC. When Trump takes office, Pai will probably be named the FCC chairman; at least on an interim basis until a long-term chairperson of the commission is appointed.

Pai has been consistently been opposing the consumer protection rules – including the Net Neutrality order – which have been imposed on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by the FCC's current Democratic majority.

Asserting that the FCC needs to “fire up the weed whacker” and remove “outdated and unnecessary regulations,” Pai said in his speech on Thursday: "I’m optimistic that last month’s election will prove to be an inflection point—and that during the Trump Administration, we will shift from playing defense at the FCC to going on offense."



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